Motor swapping in 1983 Honda XL600R

Hey ya Evan!! I have an 83′ XL600R…noticed your swap on the one you had. What year did the XR motor come out of ? Im interested in doing the same for mine. Mines HARD to start .thinking it needs rejetting? Any info you can offer I would appreciate …thanks

Any of the dual carb Honda XR600 motors will swap right into your XL600R. The single carb versions will fit as well, but the air box and carbs won’t fit into the frame, so you’d have to swap heads.

Simple answer – any dual carb XR600 will swap right in and run like a champ. My swap was a 1985 motor. Both motors are fantastic – and very similar obviously – but I’m slightly biased to the XR. It’s a little more torquey and a little lower geared. You lose some top end speed though.

Evan Fell

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