Should I motard a Yamaha TT350?

63yo retired mech. thinking of motarding a tt350. any thoughts on 250ninja carbs or such swaps it’ll be on pavement mostly. if you’ve seen this done to a 350 any wheel/brake combos that are a cheap swap or maybe just street tread. thanks,JP

In my opinion the TT350 is a pretty solid platform for street duty. It’s a 6 speed that shares a motor with the street legal XT350, but it has a little beefier suspension components.

I don’t think you’re going to find any sort of good brake upgrade, it already has a reasonable disc up front. Just give the brakes a real service, pull the caliper apart, clean and flush everything – add some new pads and you’ll be in good shape.

For wheels that are going to bolt on? You won’t find much. Just stick with the factory wheels and get a more street oriented tire. There are lots of great DOT approved dirt/street/dual-sport tires around.

Yamaha TT350

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