1982 Honda 450sc Nighthawk

Is it possible to adjust the rear suspension on it? I just want to drop it a little.

Hi Cake.

The Honda Nighthawk 450 has slightly adjustable shocks, as do most dual shock bikes of the era. If you look at the bottom of the shock, below the spring, you seen an odd wave. As this wave is rotated around it can be set to put less or more tension on the spring. If you drop the spring slightly the bike will sit a touch lower – but not much. The load on the spring can only be adjusted with the correct tool – consult your service manual for tool information and the best procedure.

1982 Honda Nighhawk 450

If you are looking to drop the rear end an inch or two your best option is to replace the shocks with something shorter. However, keep in mind that lowering the rear will affect the handling of the bike on the road. Before you do anything I would make sure you do truly need it lower for your security. If you are a new rider you’ll figure out pretty quickly that it isn’t too difficult to manhandle the Nighthawk, even if you are shorter.

To lower the bike. Pull off one of the shocks and measure it from eye to eye. Then start shopping around for replacements that are shorter. Mikesxs.com carries a variety of rear shocks in different lengths that can be adapted to the Nighthawk. Any of the large suppliers will have them as well, you can check my list of preferred shops on the homepage of cycles.evanfell.com


Evan Fell

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