1976 Honda CB750A Electrical

My Hondamatic project has taken a turn. I replaced the turn signal blinker switch but now when I activate them the brake light now flashes taking needed power from the signals. I don’t even know where to begin.

Hi Doug –

Just to clarify – did you replace the turn signal switch on the handlebar? Or turn signal relay down under the side cover.

I assume the tail light was working properly before you made the ‘repair’ yes? And all you did was swap out the 2 prong flasher relay?

Please let me know specifically what you changed, and why you changed it.

Is the tail light still working when you hit the brakes?

As a side note – a bike with a weak battery will often allow the headlight and tail light to flash – but they will flash alternate to the blinkers. So for example, when the right blinkers flash, the headlight and tail light dim, creating the illusion that they are flashing as well. This is because the battery is too weak to provide enough power to the headlight, the tail light, and the blinkers all at the same time. Is this what is happening?

Sorry I forgot the details… I replaced a faulty ignition switch and the winker relay under the seat (two Prong). I am using a 12V power supply for small electronics that plugs directly into the wall. As for the switch on the handle bars that works just fine, and the brake light was a simple replace matching the OEM wiring.

The brake works perfectly when the switch is activated, and the daytime running light is on also when the ignition is turned. My only thought is that there is a crossed wire in the ignition or inside the headlight bucket.

If your brake light is flashing in unison with your flashers then you have a crossed wire somewhere. Here is a wiring diagram for your bike:

Hondamatic CB750a Wiring Diagram

You are going to have to do a little wiring tracing. I would start at the rear of the bike (unless you have already mucked around inside the headlight). I would look for a melted wire, or a sheath worn from rubbing. Follow the wires from the tail light up to the main harness and do the same with the rear blinkers. Look for anything unusual. Also verify all the wires are connected properly and the connections are clean.

Then I would go to the headlight bezel and trace the front headlight wires. Use the diagram above and check all the connections for continuity.

It seems VERY odd to me that when you turn on your flashers your brake light flashes, but when you activate your brake light your flashers do not activate. If electricity is getting in one way, it’s getting out the other.

Please let me know what you find.

Evan Fell

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