Need spokes for a 1976 Honda CB125s

I’m┬árestoring a honda cb 125s. i cannot find anyone that has or knows the correct size spokes in stainless steel. can you please help i need the front and rear spokes for a 1976 cb 125s.

Hi –

I can’t help you with the spoke measurements – but I do know that the CB125 wheels are the same as the CB175 wheels, as well as the CL175 and CL125.

I’ll agree, parts for the smaller bore bikes are often hard to source. They were sold in smaller numbers and not a whole lot escaped the scrap yard.

I checked a few parts houses for you and didn’t come up with any. However, there are sets of new spokes for you bike on ebay right now. I suggest heading over there.


Additional notes from a reader:

Check out Buckanan Wheels and spokes. I saw them in Classic Motorcycle magazine. Google them

Evan Fell

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