Fuel Petcock Clean and Rebuild

I recently purchased a Suzuki GT750 “Water Buffalo” that I am in the process of restoring. The carbs have been cleaned and rebuilt and I have just finished disassembling the fuel petcock that was stiff and leaking.

I want to thank you Evan for your article on cleaning carbs in a pot of boiling lemon juice! It worked great on the petcock…unbelievable! A simple and cheap solution to cleaning parts. I rinsed with H2O and sprayed with WD40, and the parts are now drying outside in the sun. New gaskets and rubber bits to go back in this afternoon, and it should look and work like new!

Thanks again…

Great site and safe riding!

Great! Glad you’ve had good luck. I wrote that article quite a while back and the response over the last year or two has been overwhelming. I’m happy I could help!

Evan Fell

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