Yamaha 1100 VStar Will Idle but won’t take fuel

Hello I have a 2000 yamaha 1100 V star. The bike has set for 4 year’s It was running great before it was put away but now it just won’t take fuel when you try to open the throttle. At first it wouldn’t run But after cleaning the carbs and putting new gas in it the bike will start and idle just fine but when I twist the throttle it dies any ideal whats going on here? Thanks for any help at all.

Hi James –

Sounds like your carbs are still dirty. Either that or you have an air leak around the manifolds.

Are you positive all passageways in the carbs were cleaned thoroughly? Did you verify everything was clean by holding the jets to a light to look through them? And pass air or fluid through all the cast passageways?

Is your air filter in good shape? A clogged up air filter can cause that problem as well.

Evan Fell


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