Yamaha XT500 Service Repair Manual

[download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Yamaha/Yamaha_XT500_Service_Manual_(in_photogaph_form).zip’ title=’

This file is 12 megabytes.


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  1. Helo there i am from South Africa and i was on the look out 4 a xt manual 4 a long time in how to get the timing 100% on the xt Thanks 4 the help the u made her and the time spend on doing it.Thanks once again.


  2. Hi there im trying to find a service repair manual of 1978 yamaha xt 500,with no luck. The one i found is in photograph form and its not helpfull at all.PLEASE IM IN URGEND NEED OF IT. THANKS.


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