1978 Honda CX500 Not Starting

I have a 78 Honda CX500 that Has been sitting for at least 10 years. Put 12V to it via jump starter and all lights, horn and directionals work. When hitting the start button the magnetic start just clicks. I have pulled the starter and it works fine. Bought a new magnetic starter and same thing. What should I look at next? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Is the motor seized up?

Put the bike in 5th gear and try to roll it forward. The motor should turn over.

I will try that. Thanks for the quick reply. It is my son’s bike and he was wondering the same thing.
Thank You.

No problem. If the motor is seized then the wheel won’t spin.  You can also do it on the center stand. If the bike is up on the center stand with the rear wheel off the ground you can put the bike in 5th and try to turn the wheel by hand. You should be able to. Pull out the spark plugs to make it easier.

If it’s stuck I generally pour a little oil into the spark plug holes and let it sit a day or two. Or spray in some WD40. Then see if you can rock the wheel back and forth to get the pistons to free up. If they are just lightly stuck due to some minor rust you can generally break them free and have no other issues. If they are rusted up good you’ll never get them free, and if you do the cylinders would likely be too pitted to use.

Evan Fell

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