1987 Suzuki Cavalcade Top Speed 72MPH WOT

Hi. I just picked up a 1987 Cavalcade with 15000 original miles from the original owner. The bike starts great, idles great, doesn’t miss, choke, cough or anything. Just wont go past 72MPH at WOT. I changed the fule and air filters. Only thing I noticed is that the fuel filter only gets about half filled with fuel. DOn’t know if that’s the Norm. It almost feels that there’s a governor that limits the fuel flow.

When at top speed note the RPMs you are turning.

When in 2nd or 3rd gear are you able to sustain RPMs higher than when in 5th gear at top speed? Does the bike rev out cleanly in 1st/2nd/3rd?

Evan Fell

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