Honda XR650R Compression Loss

Installed a Dakar baja kit on my newly purchased 00 XR650R, when bought ran but dumped fuel out carb o-flow. Removed carb found float level way high, adjusted, reassembled now no start, compression not completely gone but now kicks like my old XL125. Put OE kill switch back and 2 other ignition related wires back to OE connectors. New spark plug pulled and old 1 back in just to eliminate possibility. Confused, any ideas?

Your XR650R should have WAY more kicking compression then your XL125.

Compression won’t be effected (significantly) by your float adjustment, or electrics. Compression is mechanical and inherent to the motor itself. If compression dropped suddenly I would wager that your auto decompression mechanism has become stuck. Or the manual decompression cable is pinched. I would inspect the manual decompression system very closely. If nothing is found to be off then pull your valve cover and have a look at the auto decompression mechanism. It has been known to cause problems from time to time.

Evan Fell

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