Honda v65 VF1100F oil leak

Hi Evan. My v65 is leaking oil from the right rear exhaust pipe and smoking at start up. Once it has warmed up and ran for a mile or two the smoking is not really noticable. I adjusted the valves 2000 miles ago and the cold compression for that cylinder is 175 psi.I took the exhaust collar loose and started the bike and saw the oil come from the pipe. I took off the valve cover and everything including the valve lash looks great. I’m also running some lucas through and changed the oil 3 days ago.The smoke is blue and heavy like a predrag burnout. I’m thinking maybe the valve seals. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dave

Hi Dave

It almost has to be valve seals. You can have worn seals and seats and still have good compression. I bet if you did a leakdown test on that cylinder it would perform poorly. Sounds like it needs a valve job. How many miles are on the beast?

It has almost 25000, but I know it was ridden really hard before I got it.I was thinking the valve seals also,because it sat for at least 3 years without being ran or maintained. Is it possible to replace the seals without removing the cams or engine?

Hey DaveĀ – I believe the front head can be removed with the bike in the frame, but you’ll have to pull the motor to get the rear head off.

It could also be the valve guides.

Either way – sounds like you need to be opening that baby up. I’d love to know what you find! A v65 is worth the effort of fixing IMHO.

Hi Evan, you wont believe what the problem was. I opened up the carb and the slow idle jet fell out of the carb with the trouble cylinder. Tightened it up and checked the others, bike runs like a sewing machine. I guess what i was seeing as oil was the raw fuel pulling from the valves and cylinder walls. Never seen anything like it though.

Hey Gil – Great to hear you got the problem sorted. I’m glad you didn’t have head damage.

I’ve seen pilot jets drop out more than a couple times. It’s actually fairly common in off-road bikes because of the extreme vibration.

Enjoy that Honda v65, it’s a great bike. I miss mine.

1984 Honda VF1100F v65 Magna

Thats a good looking V65. Mine needs some paint, maybe this winter. I love the bike, the performance is amazing, especially for an 83.I’m gonna ride her til she quits. Take em easy Evan, and thanks for all the advice.


Evan Fell

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