Cold and Warm Idle Problems Maxim 550

Hi evan,

So I just bought a maxim 550 and have noticed that when it’s idling, cold and warm, it’s starts out fine then slowly dies off untill it stalls. It will run fine when the throttle is reved and when the choke is on.

I’m just wondering what the cause is and what I can do to get it to a smooth idile.


Hey Pat – Have you adjusted your idle setting at the carb? There is a big knob at the between the middle carbs. With the bike warmed up and running turn up the throttle 1/4 turn clockwise at a time until you find a good setting.

If you have already done this let me know.

Well I just took it out for the first time yesterday and the idiling problem seemed to stop after driving it down the hy-way and really warming up the engine. I will be doing a tune up this weekend and pulling the carbs off so I will make sure to readjust the throttle setting.

I was also wondering if you had an electronic service manual for this bile. It’s a 1981 maxim 550.

Thanks for your help and this web site it’s great.


On any carbureted bike the bikes performance as well as idle is going to vary from day to day based on air temperature, air density, humidity, gasoline quality, and running conditions (cross country, in city, etc). The variation will be slight. On any bike I ride I regularly adjust my idle to keep it purring at the proper rpms. If it wants to stall turn it up a little, if it’s running fast, turn it down a bit. If it’s jumping around then that can be a different issue.

On my single cylinder bikes (which in my experience are more susceptible to variance), I’ll adjust the idle every time I ride, and often several times throughout the day as the riding conditions change.

I’ll see what I can find for a manual. I have at least one of the XJ cruiser manuals here somewhere. I know I have the Seca manuals.


Evan Fell

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