Searching for Repair Parts Kawasaki KZ750

My son has a ’82 KZ750. He has put a lot of work into painting and some customizing. He just found out he will need a ring job. Compressions are in the 80-90 and one is 10. I also suspect he will need a valve job too. I have been looking but I am having trouble finding parts. Does anybody know where I can get the parts to do a overhaul?

We are debating to do the work ourselves or take it to a shop. I have a lot of experience with auto’s but very limited for bikes.

Any help is appreciated.

If you’re experienced with auto motors then you’ll have no problems with the KZ.

For parts you’re going to want to check Partsnmore, Cycle-recycle, oldbikebarn, and maybe even some of the bigger boys like bikebandit. You’ll also be surprised what you can turn up for NOS parts on ebay.

If you’re looking to do it on a tight budget it might end up being cheaper to just buy a used top end from a salvage yard.

Evan Fell

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