Broken Stop for Kick-starter return

I took this engine apart to replace the kick-start shaft. During reassembly I noticed the return stop for the kick-starter  was broken off. Is this a major problem or an inconvenience, and is there a recommended fix for it? (photo at the link below) … =687434043

That’s a somewhat common issue on a variety of kickstart only bikes. The problem isn’t so much having the stop break, but having the pieces get lost and can do more damage. Make sure you get EVERYTHING out. If you strip your cases a talented aluminum welder can certainly fix it.

Is this a kickstart only bike? Or does it have electric start too?

The bike has an electric starter. I got this bike from my son and the electric starter never worked while he had it. When the kick-starter shaft broke off he gave up on it.
The alternator was messed up and the solenoid was missing, parts were hard to find so I decided to replace the kick-starter shaft while I looked for parts for the electrical system.
I don’t know how long this stop has been broken, but there were no pieces of the broken stop inside the engine when I took it apart.
I’ve started putting it back together and think I have all the parts for the starter I don’t know if it’s going to work or not…

Evan Fell

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