What oil to use on a 1978 CX500

Finally got the cylinders free after a little coaxing and want to change the oil in the bike. Just not sure if it’s a special oil or just 10W40.

Great! It’s always a joyous moment when a stuck motor is shaken free. 10w40 will be just fine, it may even be factory spec for the bike, I can’t remember off hand. I run 10w40 in virtually all of my bikes for normal driving conditions.

Thanks for the reply. I was getting conflicting answers. Well last night we hooked some juice to it and it cranks over great, but the carbs are a little gummy after all those years. My 18 year old son, who owns the bike is pretty happy with it so far. Any hints on what to look for, or just give them a good cleaning?
Thanks for your help.

I sure how your CX500 carbs are better than mine were:

Honda CX500 Carburetors

Just take your time and inspect each jet and passage very carefully. For a good primer you can read my article on How to Clean a Motorcycle Carburetor.

If you have any specific questions please go right ahead and post them here!

Evan Fell

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