1978 CX 500 – Ignition problem

Ok I found a thread from a member looking for an ignition switch for a CX 500 … it was suggested that the only way to find the part was off an old CX 500.

Oh and by the way I’m hunting this problem down for a friend of mine with CX 500 … spent the afternoon taking the switch apart and looking for his problem … he usually solved his ignition problem by wiggling the harness connection.  Now nothing works.

You can hot wire the bike with no problems so I’m guessing that because he originally solved the problem by wiggling the harness and the plug below the switch that it was in this area.

So … what my question is could you by pass the switch with a toggle switch, and if so could anyone suggest how to wire it.

I can do the wiring but I don’t have a schematic on which wires I should connect straight and which wires should I connect through the switch.

Replacing an ignition on any older motorcycle with a toggle switch is very easy. There are only 3 wires going to the ignition in most old bikes. One is a hot lead coming in, one is for running position, the other is for the accessory position. All you need to do is cross the hot lead (usually red) with the wire for running position. If you don’t know which is which, just cross 2 wires and try to start the bike. If the bike starts then you have the right wires crossed, if it doesn’t then switch wires and try again. Once you know which 2 wires you need to cross for running, just connect them to a toggle switch. Something like this:


Evan Fell

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