ZX1100C Carb Break down procedure

1991 ZX11 sat for two years. would start and run with choke lever only. Any throttle = motor dies.
Pilot circuit fouled?

I have disassembled and boiled in lemon juice. New float bowl gaskets, new main, pilot and needles. All passages cleared with 100psi.

Reassembled, replaced. Motor started and ran on first try. excellent throttle response, idle at 1000K, sync carbs with Carbtune. very smooth running now.

After sync, notice a fuel leak from the fuel tube between Carb 1 & 2. I did not break down the rack and replace these O rings.

Question: Is it difficult to remove each carb from the rack and replace all of the O rings in the connections between the carbs?
I cannot find any instructions regarding taking the carbs completely separate. I do have the factory service
manual, but cannot find anything regarding this.
any help would be appreciated. (I ordered a complete set of O rings for the fuel tubes.. the dealer said it would take 12 O rings two per tube or fitting.

Thank you.

Hey John –

Yes, if it would start with the choke but died otherwise, then your pilot circuit was clogged.

Great to hear the carbs cleaned up well and the bike is running properly again!

If you have enough mechanical skill to pull the carbs apart and clean them then you can definitely tackle separating each carb to replace those o-rings.

The carbs will come apart pretty easily, you just need to be careful with the throttle linkages between each carb. I’m not sure what style your bike has, but they often have a small set screw or spring which can be easily lost. Just take your time breaking them apart and you’ll be fine. Keep the parts organized!

It’s very common for the o-rings on those fuel tubes to leak, thankfully it’s an easy fix and they’ll last another 20 years.  12 o-rings is correct.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I will break them down when I have the O rings in hand…I will post a picture when it is completed…
I appreciate your great web forum…very helpful…
btw..I have a pdf service manual for a ZX1100…how do I send it to you for posting?


You won’t have any issue swapping out the o-rings. It’s a fun little project. Nothing better then having a rack of carbs in tip top shape.

I’d love to have the manual to share on the site, thanks for offering. If it’s under 100mb you can upload it to http://drop.io/ and link me to it. Cheers!

I assume that I do not have to remove the bowls and slides…all the gaskets are new and I hate to break the seals if I don’t have to…

the carbs are CVK40’s

I will check the size of the manual…thanks again.

Correct – you don’t need to open up the carbs in any way.

Evan, thanks for your help and encouragement. The instruction and advice was excellent.
The motor started on the first crank. I replaced all of the o rings in the fuel tubes…pretty daunting
with all the springs and adjustments. After I synced the carbs, the bike purrs and idles better than new.
I forgot what a pleasure it is to work on the bike and the satisfaction from having everything work the way it is supposed to.
Never again will I will be at the mercy of a shop that doesn’t care about my motorcycle the way I do.

My reward is a ride on beautiful Oregon backroads to the beach. The weather is perfect.
Thanks again.

Here is a picture of my completed carb project 1991 ZX1100
Cleaned carbs

Wow john – Those carbs look brand new! Great work! Glad to hear the bike is purring as it should. I’d love to see a photo of the whole bike. Looks like it’s in real nice shape.

Evan Fell

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