Registering a CB350F

hello Evan, Good Afternoon. My friend gave this bike to me its Honda CB350F. I dont know where to look how many CC this motorcyle also i dont know what year is this bike? I wanna register this motorcyle on my name but dont have the papers and the key on this bike. What do you suggest me to do on this. I been dreaming to have a motorcyle, I dont care if its old. Can you pls help me here. I thank you for spent your time reading this message of mine. You have a good day now. Thanx’ Mherdeleine

Hi mherdeleine –

The CB350F’s ar,e great little bikes. They made them from 1972-1974. You can tell what year yours is by looking on the headstock of the bike, there should be a serial number and year of manufacture printed there. All three years are virtually identical.

The registration process will vary from state to state, so you’ll want to check with your DMV to see what’s necessary. What state are you in?

For a key – You can find used ignitions with keys on eBay no problem, just keep your eyes open and replace yours. A good locksmith might be able to make you a key if you bring the ignition to him. I’ve done this several times; sometimes they can make the key, sometimes they can’t.


Evan Fell

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