Safety decal for Yamaha Big Wheel 200 or 350

Where can I buy the “safety decal” for the headlight stay of the Yamaha BW 200 and BW 350? I call it the “safety decal” but this business card size metallic decal tells the tire pressure/oil to use etc. I saw these decals on a website several weeks ago; but did not record the phone number.

I’m not entirely sure what the proper word is for those either. I would call them a VIN plate or VIN plaque.

I’m also not sure why you would want to replace one, as you’d have to print or engrave the VIN number onto it manually. I think you’ll have a hell of a hard time finding one specific to the Yamaha Big Wheels. Probably best just finding someone selling a used frame on ebay and asking them to break it off for you.

David Silver’s Spares comes to mind as a place that might carry VIN tag reproductions, but I doubt they have anything specific to the BW200 or BW350.

You don’t need one.


Evan Fell

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