1982 Kawasaki KZ440 wiring harness question

I have a 1982 Kawasaki KZ440 and I tore the whole stock wiring harness off of it and everything is wired up except the coil. I just can’t get it right for some reason. Any idea how it can be done?

I’m a little confused as to your problem. Are you missing wires? Do you not know how to connect the coil? Is the bike connected properly but not running? With such limited information I can only recommend you take a close look at the wiring diagram for your bike. Here it is:

Kawasaki KZ440 Wiring Diagram 1980-1982

sorry about the vagueness i’m wiring it from scratch with as little wire as possible, i chopped the bike up into a little bobber and i just dont really know how to wire it up i guess all the wires are good and it had great spark before i took the wiring harness off. i’ve looked at your simple wiring diagrams and got everything else to work but the coil i just need to know what wire goes where.

This diagram should solve your issue. The one I posted above was for an older KZ440 with a points ignition, but the 1982 has an electronic ignition.

Just connect the coil to the power source and the IC Ignitor as shown in this diagram and you’ll be all set.

1982 Kawasaki KZ440 Wiring Diagram

alright man thanks for the help i’ll give it a shot. sounds pretty simple

Evan Fell

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  1. A USB outlet on the BIKE? It’s aclatuly under the seat, it makes charging my cellphone and so forth (on longer rides) possible. I try to keep the laptop use to a bare minimum, and only in stop and go traffic.


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