1980 honda cb 650c carburator

I just bought a 1980 cb 650 custom for 300 bucks.  It is in good shape but is missing the carburators.  I am really stoked about fixing this thing up and found several carbs on ebay but they are about three or four years newer.  Would they fit on my bike?

Don’t quote me but I think you should be able to use a cb750 carb from ’79-82. I think the 650 had the 42A model carb and the 750 had 42B and 42C. The 900 and 1100 would probably be overkill and cost more money but they might be able to be tuned to work with your bike too. There may also be some early GS/GSXR carbs that would work. Get a manual for your bike and it should have the carb specs, then match those specs against the carbs you find on e-bay and corss ref the carb model numbers?

Evan Fell

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