My first bike – 1970 Honda CB450

Through some quick Googling, I came across your site. I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy popping in here over and over again!

I just stumbled upon a 1970 Honda CB450 as my first bike…It was too hard to resist…From the photos it looks solid enough for me to want to dive in as a restoration/learning experience.

Best yet, it was only a minor investment to me…$100 US dollars current owner just wanted it gone. I am going into it knowing that it might be stressful, challenging, and might not ever work for me….but at $100 bucks i couldn’t hold back.

I’ll pick it up this weekend and am anxious to start working on it.

I was wondering, who are your favorite parts resources for old Honda’s? I am looking at starting by grabbing the Clymer published maintenance guide/repair guide for this particular bike.

Any advice for a noobie would be incredible.


Hi James,

I used to have a long list of my favorite vendors on my blog – I forget what I did with it!!  tongue

I love:


There are many others, but those three are a good start for you.


Evan Fell

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