Reviving a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250R that’s been sitting

I have a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250R sitting in a garage. It’s been sitting in the garage for about 7 months now. I didn’t prepare it for storage cause I didn’t plan to be gone that long, but then life happened. I had someone try to start it, but it’s dead. I’m going to try to revive it. What are the best ways to go about this? Thanks!

Well, it could be dead for all sorts of reasons. The biggest is the battery.

Over 7 months your fuel will spoil and the carbs can certainly get gunked up, but the first thing to do is just get a new battery, put it in, and see if she’ll sputter or not. If not then pull the carbs and flush the fuel!

Notes from a Reader:
I’ve done the following for the last two bikes I’ve had to revive. The first was a 2007 Kawi Ninja 250 with 3k miles on it and the second was with a 1999 Suki Bandit 600 with 10k miles.

1. Removed the old gas out of the tank.
2. Drained the carbs and refilled with straight SEAFOAM.
3. Put the battery charge on 1 amp charge and left the battery charging a minimum of 8 hrs.
4. Drained the carbs and refilled gas tank with good gas and half a bottle of SEAFOAM.
5. Got both suckers to start, sputter and after a while got them to hold idle.
6. Ran the WHOLE gas tank around the block.
7. Refilled gas tank and added the other half bottle of SEAFOAM.

If you find that the bike is staying on with the enricher fully on but it dies when you try to push it back then 9 times out of 10 your pilot jets are clogged. In that case, just remove the carbs and boil the jets in straight lemon juice for about 20 minutes.
Dont forget to check your electrics and bulbs. Last thing you want to do is to be running around without tail or brake lights.
Hope this helps.

Evan Fell

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