1973 CB350G – Carb Cleaning and Wiring

Hi Evan,

I have a 73 CB350G that I’ve fully disassembled.  I’m completely new to motorcycle restoration and have two technical questions that I’m hoping you can help me answer.

Should I assume that they need cleaning?  I’ve read Evan’s guide to carb cleaning and was planning to take a stab at it – but is there any sure-fire way to know if it’s necessary in the first place?  I bought the bike in upstate  New York when it was -5 degrees out – suffice it to say, it didn’t start.  So I don’t have much of a diagnosis on what could be wrong.

That said – I want to bring the bike back to it’s original grandeur.  Is it worth cleaning the carbs?

No, I was not methodical about pulling the wiring.  I knew I wanted to strip a bunch of the electrical pieces (blinkers, brake light, etc.) and the wiring was pretty gnarly in the first place.  So:

– I need new wires/fuses.  Does anyone know where I can get them?  An online resource would be preferred.  I live in NYC if there’s a place anyone is familiar with.
– I’d like to have an ignition, headlight, and speedo.  Can I simply remove the brake light and starter pieces from Evan’s diagram?

http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/u … n_Fell.png

Appreciate your help.

CARB – Yes, you should definitely at least give it a look. If the bike is already torn down then you can open up the carbs in 5 minutes and check if the jets are clogged or not. If the jets are clogged give the carbs a thorough cleaning. If not, you’re likely fine.

ELECTRIC – You can buy new harnesses for the CB bikes. I believe Parts n’ More has them available on their site. If not check with Old Bike Barn. You can indeed remove the break light and starter from the electric diagram without any adverse effects.

Evan Fell

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