Engine repair to ’78 Honda – question

My ’78 Honda 750K has been in the shop for 3 weeks waiting on a bypass oil line to feed one side of the engine. Some of the oil lines are corroded and one side is not getting oil. My mechanic says this is not a common procedure and only a friend of his has done it. That’s who I’m waiting on, his friend.  Three weeks now.

Anyone familiar with this procedure and know if it’s common? I live in Miami, looking to take it elsewhere and get it done already.

Thanks for any info.  George

He’s right, it’s not a common procedure. In fact I don’t think I’ve heard of it needing to be done. I can imagine though if you got some water in your oil and let it sit it could definitely corrode things enough to cause such a problem. There could be other sources of the problem as well. You should just do the work yourself – that is what I ALWAYS advocate. No one touches my bikes except me!

Evan Fell

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