Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Wiring

I’ve got an 89 kawi kz1000p. I want to get rid of 90% of the wiring but I’m not sure what I can get rid of. Every time I look at the stock diagram I go cross eyed. All I want on it is headlight, taillight, the stock keyed ignition, spark and I want it to charge the battery. Does anyone have a diagram for this? If not how can I get one?

Reader Notes:
There are quite a few ‘simple motorcycle wiring’ diagrams around the web. Shouldn’t be too hard to dig one up via Google search. Once you get there though you may realize that ripping it out and starting over can be painful. Between ‘electrical/re-wiring’ projects and ‘wanted to tune/clean my carb’ projects there are a lot of bikes that sit in garages for a very long time and end up on craigslist so be sure to measure twice and cut once when you get it all planned out.

My Notes:
My diagrams are about as simple and generic as you’re going to get. If you want to customize your wiring you’ll just need a voltmeter and a lot of patience. Work on one part at a time and find the wires that power it. http://cycles.evanfell.com/2010/03/simp … fe-racers/

However – The Kawasaki KZ1000 police bikes are awesome machines. I wouldn’t cut the lights off those for any reason, it’ll lose all it’s cool factor.

Evan Fell

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