1972 Honda CL175 K6 Scrambler

Hello everyone.  This is my first post, I am new to the sight.  I bought a bike a few months back and have done a lot of work to it.  I am turning it into a little cafe racer.  New tires, brake and clutch cables, levers, handlebars, grips, air filters, fuel lines, brake light, petcock, cleaned and rebuilt the carbs, gas cap, cleaned the tank out, and a number of small items here or there.  Wish I could upload a photo but for some reason i am unable to.  this task has had me on the internet a lot since this bike is so old and parts are really hard to find.  What actually brought me to this sight is some electrical problems that I have been having.  charge battery drive for a while and what do you know.  No more battery.  It’s pretty frustrating to say the least.  it’s got to be one of four things.

1.  Bad Stator

2.  Short in the wiring somewhere

3.  Bad Regulator

4.  Bad Rectifier

One of the problems that I am having is finding these parts new.  Ebay is a wonderful way of finding all of these parts but you never know if they are going to work properly.  I would also like to rewire the bike to make it as simple as possible.  I dont care about the turn signals or gauges.  They are just not important to me.  Evan gave a few diagrams for this but I am kind of afraid to start tearing everything apart and screwing the bike up.   Although I would like to have brand new wiring to go with everthing else.  If anyone can give me advice that would be great.  It has been a lot of fun..  Thinking about getting another vintage honda soon.

How’s your CB175 doing? Those are great little bikes – a hoot to ride!

You are right that ebay is going to be one of your best sources for parts. Finding a new wiring harness I fear will be a challenge, but I’m sure there are still a few floating around out there. If you’re worried about your wiring you can always just replace each wire manually yourself. It’s a tiresome job but ensures a quality product.

I would look for shorts and bad grounds first. Always. What sort of voltage readings are you seeing across the battery?

Evan Fell

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