1978 Yamaha XS Eleven

Ok guys this is what i have. I picked up a 1978 XS Eleven. the wiring was shot and some was missing. I plan to chop the frame and build a trike. I have a few of the parts for the bike. I rewired some of it and can get it to turn over i just can’t get any spark out of the coils. I’m not a bike mechanic by any means. I just need help or a simplified wiring diagram just to get the bike to run. Can anyone help. I like Evans rewire on a page i found but i don’t know what he got rid of to make the bike run without half of the electrical. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If there is no spark at the plugs have you verified that the coils, stator, regulator, rectifier, and TCI init are connected properly based on the XS1100 wiring diagram? Without any of those pieces the XS11 won’t fire up.

Evan Fell

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