1974 CB350F – Hole in Muffler, How to Fix?

Hello Evan.
Im working on a 1974 CB350F and the muffler has a hole in it about the size of a quarter.  It looks like the result of a bad welding job from this bikes past.  Likely at some point in the future the entire exhaust will be replaced but thats just not in the budget at this time.  I am wondering of anyone knows of a “quick fix” (dangerous words, I know) that will make the bike sound like it did before the hole sprung up.  Im not a welder and dont really want to spend the money to have a professional do that since im gonna replace the exhaust anyway.  I was thinking something along the lines of metal screen and tape but dont know if that would work. Thanks for your help.

Hey RidinCB350. I love the CB350 fours, they are one of my favorite all time bikes. Unfortunately they are absolutely plagued by holes in the bottom of the mufflers near where they attach to the headers.

On one of my CB350F’s the previous owner just covered the holes with ducktape:

CB350F Mufflers

I guess it works as a temporary fix, but it’s kind of stupid in my opinion. It just bakes the duct tape onto the mufflers so you can never get it off, and the exhaust will eventually eat its way right through.

A welder could patch up the holes for you. Or if the holes are small an easy temporary fix is to use some aluminum from a beer can (two or three layers thick) and attach over the hole with some hose clamps.

Evan Fell

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