1982 Honda CB650 project “Eliminate Wires”

Well i was going for that look as you know and need a little help on removing the ign. switch, on/off switch, and neutral switch, maybe oil press. wire. To a toggle, or simple key ignition with push start. As in your diagram the rectifier has a red line(soild red wire), what about the black wire, red-white, yellow-red and green-red. And possibly the black with white wire to coils. Can you break it down for me so i get this right the first time.

thanks for all your help, my first cb, chuck

In my diagrams I am just demonstrating which parts need to be connected to get the desired functionality. The wire colors are not specific for any particular bike, and in many cases there may be additional wires from one component to another depending on the design of your bike. You should use your factory wiring diagram and compare it to my simplified diagrams to determine which actual wires you are safe to keep or remove. If you’re just trying to strip things down a little, just remove the blinkers and gauges, and swap the ignition switch for a three prong on/off/on toggle. That’ll trim down things a fair bit without you needing to do any drastic trimming.


Evan Fell

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