1986 VS700 spits and backfires just off idle

OK. This bike ran great. I blew the original engine 3 years ago. I just installed used engine. Engine is fine but just like every other bike Ive seen sit. Runs on one cyl until it gets up in revs than it kicks in or if I have the choke out. It is getting better as I drive it more though.
The problem is it also spits and backfires a lot Just off idle, than clears up as I give it more gas. on idle its ok unless the choke is on than it spits a little. But its really hard to ride when it spits and backfires right off idle where you start off from all the time.

You need to check the carbs first and foremost. If you have some clogged jets or dirty needles you’ll see all of those symptoms. Start with the carbs then go from there. Cheers!

Evan Fell

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