1993 Kawasaki Ninja will not start.

Hello, new here so apologies if there is another or similar post. Just a little info on my skills/knowledge for heads up: I’m no stranger to bikes and working with wiring but I’m no expert. 3 or so years working with bikes; specifically my own, and much longer with tinkering in electronics. Ill know the proper names to some things but most of what i know is self taught meaning i either made a name for a part my self or just call it by its looks, ex: “that spiny thingy”(starter).

The bike: Okay I am going to try an keep this simple in three parts: I.Before/II.Did/III.Now
I. The bike was not starting but had energy flow from battery to dash, lights and what not. Bought a new relay assuming that was problem but did not help. When i pressed the start or fiddled with it i only heard a clicking noise. I tested the starter and it spun. I then proceeded to pull the engine off after i had taken its top off(where the sparks enter) to see a little bit of rust build up.
II. After i had the engine out of the bike(don’t ask how i did it… torture), I cleared it of the rust that i saw and also took the sides off, the crankshaft and… the thing with the circular copper ring(the right side). I resealed everything with the proper sealant and then some how got it back into the bike with a wench system made of straps and me. Rewired everything from memory and i believe i had not missed any thing but that’s where part III come in.
III. So ow i don’t have power at all to anything. I used my meter to test the wires and i seem to be getting juice up to and around the headlight area. Yes that battery i was/am using is charged.

Few extra things: Tried putting in 3rd gear an what have you and pushing it, but it stops/locks up. No gas in it, see no point if im just working to get a spark. No other fluids except oil untill/if i get a spark. Checked the fuse box thing(one with the fuses that look like memory cards) all good, but not sure how to check the other, bulky looking ones. And yes,  has been kept in a garage since i have had it as well as when i bought it about 1-2 years ago, only exception was when i moved it got a little wet. One more thing, I wouldn’t mind a more simple wiring set up like the one i saw here, http://cycles.evanfell.com/2010/03/simp … e-racers/. A simple push start without a key i wouldn’t mind compared to the cornucopias amount of wiring i have now… I also have a manual which i can provide img scans and post them here.

I am just trying to get it to spark at the very least. An would love to get it to run before the end of the winter and before i head off to the Air Force.

Ill provide what ever you need if you/it can help, more info, pics, video. Any help would be appreciated and apologies for the long messy description.


Well, if you’re not getting power to the electrical components you’ll just need to do the laborious work of tracing the wires and determining where power is and isn’t.

– Is the starter not activating when you hit the starter?
– Is there no spark when the motor turns over?

Sounds like you had a fun time pulling that motor and reinstalling it, ha. Been there done that. It takes some effort.

Evan Fell

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