1981 Kawasaki LTD 440 Carbs dumping fuel

Firstly, Hey guys!

Secondly..I just got my permit and a friend of mine was giving me a basic lesson on riding. He has an 81 Kawa LTD 440. Things were going pretty well until I laid the bike on its side at around 5-7 mph.

Bike still runs but as of now the carbs are spitting fuel out of one of the hoses running off the back. I feel really ****** bad and im trying to research probable causes and fixes in hopes its nothing major.

If anyone has any ideas I can throw his way it would be GREATLY appreciated. I want to be able to at least help him fix the problem since i cause it.

Thanks in advance,

Notes from a Reader:
here is a quick fix that sometimes works without having to do any disassembling,what has worked for me in the past for a fix when that happens is at the bottom of the carburetor bowl on the side there is a Philips head screw when you loosen that it will let the gas dump out(drain)the carburetors bowl of fuel it will sometimes remove the dirt or debris that is causing your float needle valve from closings just loosen that screw until the gas is flowing out the overflow tube(the one you say is leaking anyways) and while it is leaking the gas out shut off the petcock on the gas tank and let the gas drain out of the tube until no more comes out then tighten the screw and turn the gas petcock back on while either tapping on the carb or shaking the bike side to side,that usually frees the piece of crap that is causing the float needle from closing,or worse comes to worse you will have to take the carbs off and remove the bowl that is leaking and clean out that carb,try it i think it will work the easy fix

Notes from a Reader:
It is possible that there’s a leak in your gas tank. So, I suggest that before using the bike again, have a car repair expert check it. Gas leak is pretty dangerous that’s why auto manufacturers announce recall whenever there’s a mechanical defect in the car that causes it. A good example of those car manufacturers is Ford. The Motor Company said last Monday that it is set to recall 1.1 million truck pickups. The recall will contain the F150, which is the automaker’s most popular model in the U.S. The recall concerns rust of the fuel tank straps. There’s a chance of fire should the tank drop from the vehicle. Here is the proof: Ford recalls 1.1 million pickups for fuel tank issues.

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