Honda XRM 110 Information Request

anyone can help me about my honda xrm 110… the battery does not charge automatically. I tried to change the rectifier but same problem… please help me about my problem.. thanks

First off – is your battery old or worn out? A toasted battery won’t hold a charge and will put extra stress on the charging system.

Put a voltage meter on your battery and check the voltage. With the bike running it should be constant voltage, around 13-13.5 volts. If it is not (and it sounds like it won’t be) then it is either your regulator or your stator.

On your bike are the rectifier and regulator combined into a single unit? Or are they separate? If they are a single unit then it sounds like your stator has burnt out and needs to be replaced. If you have a separate regulator then it needs to be tested.

Evan Fell

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