CB400F Carb dumping gas from overflow tube

My 75 Super Sport had a thorough carb rebuild two years ago ( the shop is gone now ), I have been riding the bike at least once a month through the winter and out of the blue gas started running out of one of the tubes that come out under the bike. this was not a trickle, it poured out as fast as the tube would allow. Short of disassembly is there a way to free the float from the outside through the fill or drain ports ?

Hey Lelund –

The simple tried and true method is to rap on the bowl with the but end of a screwdriver to try and jostle the float loose again. *Don’t break anything!*

Also, if you have the right sized screwdriver or a little ingenuity with a box end wrench and screwdriver attachments, then you can often pull the bowl off the carbs without removing the carbs from the bike. Its tricky, but can be done.

The best advice however is to remove the carbs and clean them. Chances are they need it again. Once every couple years on a 35 year old bike isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s best to have the carbs tip-top then just-barely-clean-enough.

Cheers. Those 400f’s are great bikes. I wish I had one for daily commuting.

Evan Fell

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