Honda shadow ignition control modules

The 1985-86 Honda Shadow VT1100C used two ignition control modules, OEM part numbers 30400-MG8-005 & 30420-MG8-005. I want to know if the 1985-86 VT700 used the same modules. The modules were made by Hitachi but they no longer make them and Honda does not have any more in stock. I have spoken with various parts houses and salvage yards across the nation with no luck. I would like to know if the VT700 modules could be used because I have come across someone that has one for sale very cheap. The price of the VT700 would be less than the cost of the OEM modules (each module has a msrp of more than $300). The VT700 would cost me $500. If the modules are the same, it would be a deal worth making. Any comments? Any idea if the modules are interchangable? All help would be much appreciated. Chief

Hi Chief –

The Ignition Control Module on the VT700 is part number 30400-MK3-721  (replaces 30400-MK3-004)

Doesn’t look like you have a match.

Keep your eyes on eBay – You’ll find one eventually. It could be pricey though.

Evan Fell

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