My 2002 Honda XR650R – Ride & Upgrade

My current two wheeled love affair is a 2002 Honda XR650R. I know I know I know, it’s not a vintage street bike – but I’ve certainly had plenty of those!

Adventure biking has really sucked me in lately and this is my do-it-all-everywhere machine.

I picked it up in Denver sometime in October of 2009.

2002 Honda XR650R

and rode it quite a bit:

Honda XR650R at the Grand Canyon

XR650R Honda 2002 in Colorado

My ride report is in my signature.

I’m currently working on fitting the bike to my needs as best as possible. I just added an IMS desert tank:

XR650R Desert Tank

I’d like to get some good pegs for it. Roc Stompa and Pro Moto Billet don’t make any, so I have to decide on the XR’s Only units or the IMS pieces. I also need some basic protection pieces: skid plate, bark busters, chain/case guard.

I’m going to be doing a rewire on it as well to improve the mediocre quality of the Baja Designs dual sport kit. I’ll be posting everything as I go along.

Evan Fell

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