1982 Kawasaki KZ750

Picked up this bike recently. A great old bike in great shape, except the motor. The motor has been torn down to fix some leaks. Once it’s back together the bike will be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I dropped a piece of the cam chain guide down into the bottom end, so the bike… Continue reading 1982 Kawasaki KZ750

1973 Honda CB350

Picked up this bike for a super deal. When I got it it was completely disassembled and in boxes. In this shot it’s partially back together. As it stands right now it’s completely back together and running awesome. Needs some visual updates and some larger steering head bearings but a fun little bike.

1985 Yamaha XJ700

Rolled this XJ700 into the shop today. Has been sitting a while and doesn’t run, but it’ll be going good within 24 hours. 21,000 on the clock. A nice solid bike to work on.

XS11 Bobber Started

Today I began work on the 79 xs1100 that I’m going to bob out. I cut off the rear of the bike. Created mounts for a brake light under the rear caliper and a license plate over the rear shock. Swapped the pegs with an ’80 model because they are larger. Removed passenger pegs and… Continue reading XS11 Bobber Started

Need Any TX500 Parts?

After debating for a while on rebuilding the motor or parting the TX500 out, I decided to part it. I had already purchased a new cylinder and pistons for it, but the cam chain and gaskets were tough to come by so instead of waiting around I just ripped it apart. If you need any… Continue reading Need Any TX500 Parts?