XS11 Bobber Started

Today I began work on the 79 xs1100 that I’m going to bob out. I cut off the rear of the bike. Created mounts for a brake light under the rear caliper and a license plate over the rear shock. Swapped the pegs with an ’80 model because they are larger. Removed passenger pegs and mounts. Removed gauges. KZ550 headlight. Kickstart from the TX500.

I have to order a small solo seat (the one that’s on there is just a quick one I built for testing purposes), some exhaust wrap, low bend bars, and new pod filters. Then some cleaning, re-paint and fresh rubber. This bike is going to be fire. And WOW is it fast.


By ef

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  1. I am wondering where you are getting the solo seat. I have been looking all over. Also how did you cut the finder off?


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