Super Clean Carbies

These are the KZ550 carbs after A LOT of work. When we pulled these carbs the slides, plates and floats were all frozen solid and they looked awful. After a complete and thourough rebuild, I polished, and lubed every surface as well as put fresh paint on the top covers and supporting bars. These carbs look absolutely brand new.


By ef

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  1. Hi,
    Wondered if you could help – I’m rebuilding the carbs for my Honda CB400F – what did you use to lube the moving parts, in particular the choke shaft and the throttle slider rocker arm shaft ?
    Many thanks


  2. The Honda CB400f is a real nice bike. I just use a little WD-40 to lube the moving parts. It’s more important that the parts are disassembled, cleaned, and the rust removed. WD-40 is all I ever use for carb parts – it’s safe on o-rings and you won’t notice if it gets in your motor.


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