1975 Honda CB750F

A first year F model CB750. The F bikes had a number of differences from the standard K model. All the body work was redone and made to look sportier. The tank is longer and sleeker, the seat has a lower profile, and there is a rear cowl section. The exhaust was a 4 into 1 from the factory rather than a 4 into 4. The front blinkers were mounted lower and the bike did not have chrome headlight ears. The later SS models have the chrome headlight ears but the blinkers were mounted lower on the ears and had shorter stems. The SS forks were larger diameter as well. I’m not sure which year the F model cylinder heads got bigger valves, was it first year? Anyone know? These bikes also had a rear disc brake, the K model still used the drum.

There were a few other minor differences between the K and F. This particular bike has a Dyna electronic ignition installed which makes for a very strong spark, and no more adjusting the point gap and sanding the point faces!


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