1974 Honda CB350F

These 350cc inline 4 cylinder bikes were produced from only 1972-1974. They are quickly becoming a very popular and in demand collectible due to their short production run, and the difficulty of finding an unabused example. However, I have found an excellent example and trailered it home. This bike is in near emmaculate condition without a dent or scratch on it. The original!!!! paint looks flawless. There are only 2 problems with the bike. The one that detracts significantly from the value is rust where the mufflers meet the headers (very common for older 4 into 4 systems, particularly this specific model). It is not properly repairable without replacing the mufflers, which are otherwise in excellent condition. The other issue that detracts the collectors eye are the stickers on the tank. While these can be removed with a little patience, the paint is slightly darker underneath so their outline remains. I think they’re kind of cool though!


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  1. Hey there,

    I just got a 74 350 f just like yours. I was wondering where you got the part on the back for carrying stuff. Like to bungie cord backpack to. I need cargo space if there is another rider, but dont want to put a stupid ugly saddle bag on that bike.

    Let me know if you can helpo me out




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