1971 BMW R60 /5

I bought this gem because I had always wanted an old Beemer. These are phenomenal bikes. The slash 5 series were the first “modern” bikes from BMW. They had telescoping forks, reasonable handling, decent brakes (no discs yet), and motors that will outlive any owner. I bought this bike with about 91,500 miles on it and have put on thousands since.

All the early R bikes (R50, R60, R75) were great touring platforms. They required less maintenance and were generally easier to work on then their Japanese counterpart. Early models came with the large 6 gallon tank, and the option to add on a bevy of additional touring accessories. My R60 is fitted with Krauser engine gaurds, as well as a Krauser luggage rack and saddlebags (saddlebags are not mounted for this pic). I absolutely love this bike. Runs and rides nice and smooth and I have absolutely no hesitation about taking it anywhere because I know it will never leave me stranded.


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  1. Evan-
    I have a chance to pick up a 1971 R60/5 for a few hundred bucks, it is project bike, would it be worth my time to buy this bike for along term keeper?



    For a few hundred dollars there is no way you can lose. A very knowledgeable BMW gearhead once told me, any complete BMW motorcycle is worth $500 no matter how clapped out, rusted, and banged up it is. He went on to say that any running BMW motorcycle is worth $1000 regardless of physical condition.

    These old bikes aren’t cheap to rebuild, but they hold their value extremely well. Even if you had to sink $1500 (very high end estimate) into it, it would still be worth quite a bit more. A moderate condition R60/5 inspected and on the road is worth $2,000 cash in hand.

    Chances are that you could probably get it back on the road again for a very minimal cost. As long as the motor turns over it’ll run – and that’s about all you need on these old bikes. These BMW /5 bikes are extremely robust and well designed machines. They are built to last a lifetime. Simple to work on, easy to maintain, and a tremendous grin factor when zipping around town.

    I wish I still had one. If you decide to pass on it, shoot me an email with the details :).



  3. My 1971 R60/5 just hit 215,000 miles and has had no major maintenance except for a new set of STOCK rings about 100,000 miles ago. I recently met a guy at my local BMW shop riding the same bike with over 800,000 miles on it. This bike is bulletproof, satisfying and will become your best friend. Buy one if you can.


  4. Evan,

    Just picked up a 1971 R75/5 that hadn’t been started in 3 years for $1200 with unknown mileage due to speedometer vandalism. The previous owner stated it ran fine the last time he parked it. I got it home and immediatley changed all the fluids, put a fresh set of plugs in her along with a new battery and she fired right up. Runs a bit rough, perhaps the carbs need a going through…anyway, the crux of the post is to ask you a question regarding a “whining” noise I think may be coming from the tranny. It sounds like the noise the older truck transmissions used to make. This is my first BMW and I’m not familiar with the feel and sounds of the bike. Thanks for any imput you may have, great page!


  5. Evan,

    I have a 71 R60/5 I’m currently working on when ever I get extra money in my pocket. It was a basket case, the dude who was selling it started the bike in front of me, a spark plug comes flying out of the head and flew across the street! I love these old bikes too, so far I have the frame powder coated, front wheel has new spokes, polishes front rim, beautiful! I have a ways to go, you have enspired me to move onward and upward! You have beuatiful bike thanks for sharing it with us old bimmer dudes.



  6. I have a r60/5, I am so tired my age. Now, I’m wishing to sell it. The motocycle is from 1970 and work perfectly. It’s in Colombia, are you interested to buy it?


  7. I have a 1971 r60/5 with about 31k miles on it that I’d entertain offers on. Its been sitting a minimum of 15 years.Later this week I’m having a guy look at it to get it running. It has compression so I think it will be fine.It has minor surface rust that I think will come off. It does have a harley seat on it.LOL I believe it also has the original tools with it just not the tool bag.


  8. my father inlaw has a bmw 650/50 thats laying around his yard rotting it was in storage for 15 years now its outside he wants to sell it call me at 479-544-0705 or 479-372-4496 ask for shane if u r intrested


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