Replacing Kickstart Shafts

Well, I’ve got the two 1994 KTM’s. It’s time to do something with them!

I completely tore down the 250sx to the frame and then continued digging into the motor to get the kickstart shaft.

Next I tore down the 300exc motor in a similar fashion to replace the shaft. It’s a fairly simple process but is certainly time consuming. The only special tool you need for the job is a tool to hold the clutch basket in place while you take off the retaining nut. Instead of buying the tool (which is often expensive and not model universal) you can do a makeshift job easily. First, you’ll want to lock the inner clutch with the outer basket, this can be done by taking a friction plate and a steel plate, drilling a 1/4″ hole through them and filling the hole with a bolt. This will lock the plates together. Put the plates into the basket and the inner and out will now be locked. The next thing you’ll want to do is stop the crank from rotating. I do this by feeding a length of rope into the spark plug hole. The rope will prevent the piston from reaching TDC and will do absolutely no damage to anything.

Anyway, I made the switch successfully and I now have a stock kickstarter on the 300exc.

I also switched over the front end to hold the conventional Marzocchi forks and put on a set of Tag bar risers. More to come on this!


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