Finished Updating the KTM 300EXC

I’m DONE! Sort of. I took both the 3003xc and 250sx bikes down to the frame and swapped everything over from the 250sx onto the 300. I swapped the entire front end including Tag risers and fatbars, entire rear end including brake and shock, most of the levers and controls, the kickstart shaft and lever, the clutch basket and engine cover, the reeds and reed cage (boyesen), and a few nuts and bolts. The 300exc is completely assembled and ready to roll. I put a brand new full exhaust on it and a couple odds and ends. I am VERY happy. . . . . .However, I am going to tear it down again and thoroughly clean each part and replace all the rubber grommets and a few bushings. I want this thing running and looking like new!!!


By ef

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  1. Your bike looks nice, I recently bought a KTM 300 Exc from 1994 too but during the dissasembly I forgot to take some photos anh now I could really use some help with the ignition wires.
    My KTM came with a kill switch that allows me to control the lights and since I want to remove the rear light, I want to take off as many useless wires as I can.
    I have a red, an black, an blue and an orange wires coming from the bobbin and I’m not sure where to connect them, could you please send me some photos of yours?
    Thanks for the attention


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