The Snow Just Keeps Falling!

I am growing tired of living in the North East. The snow just keeps falling in Boston. I can barely get a bike out of my driveway, let alone up into the presidential mountain range (as in this photo).

I’ve always been a tough weather biker. I’ll ride in the cold and rain, but snow is another story. We just had a snow storm last night, so I guess the bikes will have to say in the garage for another week or so.


By ef

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  1. I’m never coming back to Massachusetts. I moved to Delaware and although it is too cold for me to ride, most riders get out once a month at least. We don’t get much snow down here. Sure the South is even warmer, but that’s like moving to another contry!


  2. I’ll agree with you there! The south is definitely a different world. I hear the winters are much shorter out in Oregon. They also have some amazing terrain. I might try and check that out for a while.


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