Carburetor Parts Labeled and Cleaned

When I first started cleaning carburetors I always did a very meticulous job. I would carefully remove each piece one at a time. I would note which carb body each piece came from so not to mix anything up. I would soak and clean and soak and clean the carburetor rack and internals until they were absolutely spotless. It worked great.

However, overtime I realized I could do an equally effective job in a matter of minutes. Through the years I have torn down probably 50 different carburetor racks and each time I do it I do a seemingly more carless job. . . . . but I’m actually much better at it overall. You wouldn’t want to see how I organize them now! It isn’t pretty.


By ef

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  1. Looks like those are Hitachi carbs. Those are the biggest pain in the arse. I hope you have better luck with them than i did!


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