1983 Honda XL600R with XR600R Motor

I’ll be damned if the bike doesn’t look good to boot!


By ef

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  1. geday mate i dont know where you live but i’m in australia and i’m doing up a old xl600r 85 and im lookin for front gaurd and side gaurds for it do you have any of that stuff or know where i can get it not much stuff for them over here ????


  2. hey i also own a honda xl600r 1985 im restoreing im haveing a hard time finding a couple part and was hopeing you might be able to help me out i need a front brake caliper and the left side cover for the drive sproket i have had this bike since it was new sat in dry storage for about 17 years i can find every thing i need except these part thanks for taking the time to read this hope to hear back from you soon have a great day and good riding


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