Harley’s Legal Issues Over Time

I love how passionate Harley riders get about their bikes, but most of it doesn’t make much sense to me. Harleys have been proven over time to be extremely expensive, labor intensive, and prone to breaking down. I’m all for having an old Iron Head motor bike for bar hopping, but if I had to cruise across the country I’d much rather take a $200 Japanese bike from 30 years ago.

I just stumbled upon some Harley arguments on a forum and thought this one was particularly interesting. Please excuse the authors poor grammer!


when harley sued the jap companies for sound ,they tried to copy write the exhust note! what a bunch of pussys!
then they sued for looks… and it was proven that harly stole the looks from indian and excellsor and 3 others!
and as for v twin “harley” motor…it was stolen and copied from Jason A Preswick.
harley sued everybody under the sun! the sued a shop called the hog farm! claiming hog was a harley copy write and that shop was not a dealer.once the jugde found out the shop has had that name longer than harley was in business he told them to go fuck thems.

if harley had more enginers than lawyers,they would have a better bike!
buy the way a honda golw wing is made 95% in the US vs. 60% of a harley!
so much for an american bike! the forks.japan,wires, grips ,lights,shocks,tins,black box, tiawan…….and more.

just so you know,i am a certfied cycle tech from MMI and i works in a few harley shops and have built 3 bikes(helped on 7 others) that got into easyriders mag.

yes i love harleys ,i just hate all of that mine is better than yours bull shit.it makes me sick.there is a reason you can buy a 1970 honda cb 750,that has been sitting for 10 years…clean the carb,new oil ,plugs..and ride away!
its called better enginering.

the only bike in the world that needs more attention and work..and tune ups… is ducati..but atleest they go fast!



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